Words To Live By

A friend on Facebook asked about the rules of this group he was looking to learn from and possibly join, yet it conflicted with him a bit. My answer was to quote Bruce Lee I thought…

Research your reality, absorb what is useful, reject what is useless, add specifically what is your own

Except he said experience, not reality. So my mistake, it’s a synonym of it so it fits the purpose of the idea. This quote covers much more than martial arts, let’s take it a piece at a time.

  • Research Your Reality

The situation you’re presently in, look into ways to make it better. My current state of mind for example has driven me into piles of books, the Related Books section of Ronin’s Journey will be eclectic to say the least, I gained a large pool of knowledge on what to do to heal. To large to apply, so it requires…

  • Absorb What Is Useful

Field test it, start trying techniques and lifestyle changes to see what works for you, then if successful you keep it.

  • Reject What Is Useless

What doesn’t work for you does not mean it won’t work for another, hence starting the quote with researching your situation. However, it doesn’t work for you so toss it to the side.

  • Add Specifically What Is Your Own

Integrate it into the matrix of your experiences, knowledge, and life. Make it work with what you have and strengthen what you lacked. This works with life skills, goals, religion, philosophy, etc. Not a thing there does not apply to a critical thinking person. I follow this advice daily, hell, you do too probably and may not have realized it.


What are your thoughts about this?

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