Why Do I Love Kettlebells?

The other day my best friend and his kids came to visit, and we were talking about working out. Bobby, who’s not a small guy by no means with a fighter’s build, was thinking a change in pace. I’d suggested kettlebells, since I’m addicted to the damn things. But he said he’s not the type who can work out at home.

However, the next words out of his mouth were just as good.


Functional fitness, no isolation exercises and he’ll still use the kettlebells occasionally. Connor, his son, asked me why I was so crazy for kettlebells anyway. Bobby said quiet, because it works for me.

My KBs compared to the average coffee cup

And how it does. When I began the Rite of Passage from ETK, my strength has done nothing but increase. My Heavy Intensity day in the beginning I was one-arm pressing a total of 540lbs or 18 reps with a 30lb kettlebell. A week later its 720lbs or 24 reps with a 30lb bell. Now its 1,140 lbs or 38 reps with the 30.

The 44lb kettlebell I got for Christmas I could only press once. It was my 1 rep max. Now I can press it 4 times.

44lb Clean

Why do I love kettlebells so much?

Quite simply because they work. I see the gains every week.

And the press

What are your thoughts about this?

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