When Is War Justified?

War. When is it justified? And when is it wrong? Let’s explore it. At first glance it’ll be assumed that I’m a pacifist. And it’d be wrong, for I’m not that, I’m just peaceful. If attacked, I’ll deal with the threat efficiently, but I won’t go looking for a fight or sticking my nose in another’s business, nor will I curl up in the fetal position and allow myself to be walked on. So should the policy for war be, in my view.
When Do You Fight
People get in fights for numerous reasons. They were attacked, something was taken from them, protecting a loved one, they were “dis-respected”, they see something the want and force is how they will get it, be it an object, territory or power, or just out of malice, or ego, to show off.
Out of this list which is justified to use violence against another? The first three, self-defense, justice and the latter is duty to your loved one.

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