What's the Arkansas Legislature been up to?

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Update on some bills I highlighted in the Arkansas Legislature, four to be exact.
Remember HB1051, the Open Carry bill? It died in the House Judiciary Committee, apparently “shall not be infringed” doesn’t mean anything to those velvet gloved tyrants. Bite me.
HB1002, the Capital Gains reduction? Passed the House, bipartisan vote. Progress. Now it’s off to the Senate, so call them, tell them “it’s my money, and I want it now!” To quote those annoying J.G Wentworth commercials.
HB1052, Manufacturing energy tax cut. Passed. Cuts the overhead, that’s money they can use to expand, hire more, or keep. It’s their money after all, though try telling the Government that.
HB1056, Low income heads of household tax cut. Passed. Onto the Senate. This is good progress, much to Big Government Beebe’s chagrin. He wants to keep a balanced budget, but he his forecasting a growth in revenue from other sources. That offsets the tax cuts, plus we get lots of money matching various taxes from the Feds. Primary offense seatbelt law? It was passed so they can get more money for highways, cigarette tax raise? More ARKids money. So if you have ARKids, and you see a smoker, be sure to thank them. We take in around 5 Billion for our budget. Heres some websites for you full of interesting data. http://www.businessweek.com/ap/financialnews/D9JDHLV80.htm.
Oh yeah, there’s a lot of cutting to be done. Call your Representatives at  (501)682-6211. Call your Senators at (501)682-2902. Get involved.

What are your thoughts about this?

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