What was Uncle Sam up to last week?

What passed through the Congress last week? Let’s see…

USAPATRIOT Act: For another 3 months the Fourth Amendment will be trampled with roving wiretaps, secretive searches of YOUR business, library, bookstore, tax, medical and other records. You can’t challenge them or have court oversight. This is the UNPATRIOT ACT, a mark of tyranny. Its up for a vote again in three months, call your employees in the Congress  and tell them to kill the law. It passed the House 279-143, the Senate 86-12. Disgusting, Ben Franklin is giving us the finger from his grave.

F-35 FIGHTER BUDGET: This canceled the funding for its alternate engine to a total of 485,000,000$. So far they’re 1-1 on my record this week. 1 tyrant vote, 1 good vote. Goes to the Senate now.

COMMUNITY POLICE GRANTS: Passed through the House, taking 228,000,000$ from NASA and giving it to COPS program for putting cops on the street and technology.

INTERNET NEUTRALITY: Remember my post a while back, if not, you can find it here. This stops the funding for implementing that regulation.

GREENHOUSE GASES: Reduces funding for regulations that make companies report emissions.

FEDERAL AVIATION BUDGET: 35,000,000,000$ for two years, raises fuel taxes to 35.9cents a gallon, keeps the 4.50$ tax on airline tickets for every take-off and landing. Expect your tickets to go up.

AVIATION BUDGET CUT: This was to cut the Aviation budget to 2008 levels and they voted to kill it 51-47.

AIR-SERVICE SUBSIDIES: 200,000,000$ annually to fly to 150 small airports.

Get involved. You see what happens when you’re not watching. Some good, some bad.




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  1. I personally believe that 100-200 years from now, the people of this country are gonna look back and be like WHAT THE FUCK WERE THE PEOPLE THINKING letting something like the patriot act pass. I’ll definitely make it a priority to make a few calls before they pass that contradiction of the constitution again.

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