What Is Wrong With the Vatican!?!?

Ok, picture this. You’re a kid, and a government worker molests you. It’s reported to the Governor, who then moves that official to another state, at the direction of the President. Later, there is a new President, and he makes new laws, saying that the Governors can make up their own rules on how to deal with Pedophiles that work in government in response to that states laws. And get this…the rules are non-binding. What the hell?

Is this a good idea? Here’s the story.


Replace Government official with priest, governor with bishop, and president with pope, and you have the Catholic Church’s new rules. Unless they’re crucifying their pedophiles in the public square, I don’t trust them after the rulers in their ranks hid the monsters in the backwaters to protect the Church’s reputation. It shows deceit, and zero integrity. And begs the questions…

Why do people still trust these officials and the Pope?

Why is Pope John Paul getting Beautified after this happened on his watch?

Do they do background checks on the Priests before they decide to attend a church?
*This isn’t against those who go to Mass and worship according to the doctrine, this is me raging against the bureaucrats in the upper echelons

Here’s a fitting Clip of Titus a friend found. Thanks Viking.

What are your thoughts about this?

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