What Do My Readers Like Most?

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I have been looking at the stats on this blog a little harder as of late thanks to WordPress’s posts on reading statistics. This blog’s two dominant categories is the Breakdown Series and Kettlebells; which is good since it tells me when the book on the expanded Breakdown series comes out it will be a hit. I had planned for it to be out July 4, 2014 however, life saw it differently and another project sprang up.

I am an introvert that keeps a lot inside except when I write, so I started writing as therapy to process it all and it has helped immeasurably. Enough so, I thought it may help others as a book, so what was tentatively titled ‘Meditations’ became Ronin’s Journey that started in August. When it has finished and my inner Humpty-Dumpty is back together, again I will pick up the Breakdown book project again.

So, why do you read this blog? I am curious to find out.

What are your thoughts about this?

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