What 2017 Taught Me About Following Jesus

2017 taught me about grace, a closer walk with God, and what that growth looks like.

Following Jesus requires a relationship and willingness to follow him. Fortunately, the Holy Spirit empowers us to do it. It should produce a certain effect in our lives. This comes from a daily surrender and the transforming of our minds (Romans 12:1-2).

One thing I learned about following Jesus is it’s a life of ongoing repentance. Acknowledging what you did wrong in the moment, and asking forgiveness for it. It’s recognizing our brokenness while we’re being pieced back together. We can’t gleefully and willingly sin. Morally compromising ourselves catches up to us in the end.

Through our walk with Jesus, he teaches us with grace. He slowly puts the desire to do good in you and reminds you not to do wrong. The big word for it is sanctification.

Remember, none of us deserve saving. It’s harsh, and it’s why grace–God’s unmerited favor–is required. Grace isn’t fair, it’s generous.

The Law is a confining cage that crushes the sinner; to the follower of Christ the Law doesn’t crush but frees us. Why, because we let it crush Jesus in our place. It pays to never forget our brokenness, so we don’t cheapen our salvation.

Embrace the Faith, experience it by experiencing the Bible in daily life. Then express the truths of the Faith to others. Listen to God, love everyone, and walk and yield to the Spirit. Don’t let your heart and mind disconnect. Study the Bible, think critically about how it applies to your life. Also look at what it reveals about the character, person, and heart of God and how He sees you.

Your Faith is either a part of your life or all of it. Don’t disconnect from the source of life.

What are your thoughts about this?

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