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Welcome to my site. My name is Vance Gatlin II and I would be surprised if you ever met anyone like me. If your wondering where the name Ronin’s Journey comes from, I will let you know.  Ronin is a name I chose for myself because of the respect I have for the samurai and their adherence to their code. The ronin were samurai whose masters had died so they wandered Japan. I have the same integrity to never compromise my personal code as I journey through life, meeting all challenges head-on and unflinching.

I love writing and cover a variety of subjects in essays, poetry, social commentary, and observations. I cover politics(which I hate, but someone has to keep an eye on them or you wake up from your stupor one day and wonder where your country went), life, popular culture, culture, and the ways to gain inner strength and critical thinking. Speaking of which…

I’ve been given an opportunity to write a book named “Howls From The Wolfpack”, with other writers. This book will challenge the way you look at the world. You can peer into the souls of the writers within the poetry section, come under mental assault by Bullet Quotes designed to make you think. Essays that challenge CONVENTIONAL WISDOM, and handing you the keys to inner-strength and to grow as an individual. It’ll be released next year, I can’t wait.

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  1. not sure how to make a website, and the things i say are mostly random, i dont come up with a whole lot of essays nor do i have that kind of time but i expound on other’s ideas, changing them and making them my own giving my own views on a topic being brought up

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