Two Hunting Poems

Well I’m back from the mountains and deer hunting. Unsuccessful, but recharged. One thing about the mountains is that it replenishes my spirit and muse. These are two poems I wrote about hunting. I wrote others but that’ll be posted later.


Silent in the Shadows
Omniscient eyes
Small animals scurry
Under my watchful stare
Wind rolls over me
As it moves along it’s way
My mind at peace
Harmonized soul
Quiet spirit
Balanced hunter of the forest
I am everywhere


In between the trees
Weaving along a path
Senses primed
Twitching nose
Focused eyes
Perked ears
Quiet steps
Slipping and Stalking
Predator and prey
Rustle of the winds
Silence of the forest
I am home

© Vance Gatlin 2010

What are your thoughts about this?

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