True Strength

13095934_934267660026573_208697595199908769_nWhen you think of someone who’s strong, who do you picture?

Got it? Now ask yourself, what makes them strong? Why do you think that? This was from a conversation I had with my wife on a date.

The thought was someone was stronger than her. Except, the person she was comparing herself to wasn’t stronger than her. In all honesty, she’s actually stronger than I am.

She told me that they had lived a hard life. She began making a list of bad things that had happened to them. It sounded a lot like my own life. I told her that she was still the stronger one.

True Strength

Enduring trials and life’s hardships do make you tough. I’m not denying that, however, that’s not what makes you strong. There is a difference.

Strength comes from not only enduring the harshness of life, but to come out of it a better person. If you remain the same, become bitter, or never try to climb out of it, then you’ll never get any stronger.

The world will crush you. Death is inevitable. There isn’t anything admirable about being angry, bitter, and self-serving.

That’s easy to do.

If you can be hit hard, get up, and still give joy and hope as you move forward; that’s strength. When life steps on you, and you still want to help others, that’s strength. When you have no reason to get up, to learn, and move forward in a positive direction despite your past, that’s harder to do.

That’s why it takes strength.

What are your thoughts about this?

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