To My Child

Little One,

Did you know that right after we heard about you we had your room decorated in our heads? That your mom gave up her favorite drink, Dr. Pepper for you? Did you know how much your dad was looking forward to watching you experience the world? The curiosity, the wins and the losses.

Watching you play, wondering if you would be the comic book geek that he is. Or your mom wondering if you’d be a girl who can go shopping and play dress up with, and your dad planning on taking you to deer camp before you even turn One. Mom said no by the way.

You also caused even more confusion for your dad, in these times of deadbeat parents. You were so loved before we even saw you and would give anything to see you, so I didn’t understand how anyone can turn away from their kids.

Little One, you were our first and will never be forgotten and always loved, and we’ll grow our little family so you’ll have more to know when they knock on Heaven’s door when the time arrives. Logan and Emma, at least that’s the plan. And maybe a Sam or Faith too.

We love you little one,

Vance and Casey

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