Three Years and Six Months, But Who's Counting?

March 23. Just another day to most. But for me, it’s a halfway point, between anniversaries. It marks this year as the title says, 3 years and 6 months, completely head over boots in love. Intoxicated by the beauty of my fiancée Casey. Not just the outer beauty but also the inner, she has the kindest heart and an admirable zest for life.

Today also is a countdown, in 6 months and a day, we’ll be joined in marriage. And their is a LOT of work involved, but anything worth having you work for. A culmination of a dream and wedding plan is the forge that tests how well you work as a team. My idea and hers are different. She likes pink, wait, strike that, she loves pink. And I’m all for Camo for the wedding. In comes compromise, I’ll be rocking a camo vest and tie with my tux, and our colors are pink and brown. And so on down the list. Either way, it’s going to rock.

Three years and six months going on to forever. I love you Casey.

What are your thoughts about this?

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