Three Chances to Win a copy of Howls From The Wolfpack

Cover mock up. See the finished one at the Fanpage

As a way to show my appreciation to those who enjoy my writings enough to subscribe to this blog, I will give away a copy of Howls From The Wolfpack. When it is released, and I’m hoping August (fingers crossed) I’ll draw a name from my list of active subscribers.

I’m also doing this for the ones who like the Facebook Fan Page, except they have two chances at a copy since they’re more people. Now, the rules:

You are ineligible to win if you are one of the authors or related to one of the authors.

If not, you have a shot. When the time comes I’ll draw on video and post on YouTube. Spread the word about the book, all about thinking for yourself by questioning everything and accepting nothing blindly and how it applies to you and the world. Poetry, quotes and essays, plus a short story by Thorin. Something for everyone.

What are your thoughts about this?

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