The Monster

Sitting in the dark, just a laptop and my thoughts.
5FDP and Skillet as the background score, to this evening nevermore.

Want to scream, want to cry, doesn’t care if the world fries.
Watching society eat itself, and I’m willing to pass the Tabasco Sauce.

Presidential Hit Lists, and more fuel to the fires that normally light my rage.
I don’t care as my life writes another page.

Shattered yet unbroken, a dichotomy I know.
Pain that burns my soul, yet numb.

What a mix up this is, swirling feelings in these comforting shadows.
Alone but not, I have those I can lean on yet they cannot face the monster before me.

A beast I’ve taken on before, yet bigger by four score.
I’ll cut it down by the knees, rip it apart and take its heart.

Grief will always be there, however my life is my own, and I’ll live it on my terms.
A fading nightmare as we conquer our dreams.


What are your thoughts about this?

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