Renegade Renton, Washington cartoonist offends the police and they want him in jail

A good thing about Twitter is the different sources of information. Saturday, I got a mention from Snarkinsaw, the same

From The Blaze

person who told me about Gould, except this time he told me about a cartoonist in Renton, WA in trouble for some xtranormal cartoons he made mocking the police.

The videos were generic, you can’t tie them to any particular department, but apparently some of those videos were eerily similar to some Internal Affairs investigations in the department. So the Chief of Police is pressing cyberstalking charges. And filed for some warrants. The videos were “hurtful” and “going after our department.” This is a free speech issue. News reporters and commentators go after cops too, and they’re no cyberstalking charges filed against them. Oh and according to the KIRO 7 news site here, the police department “Prosecutor shopped” when the County Prosecutor refused the case, so they went to the city prosecutor, who agreed.

This link here says it better than I can, they had more time for research. Now if it was a employee who made the video and they signed a non-disclosure agreement, termination should be as far as it goes. Not 5 years in jail. So far the moviemaker is unknown, hope they stay that way.


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