Predator? Or Prey?

How do you look at life, as prey, or predator? Do you track it down and seize it or hide from it? What is the difference? Note a predator, any predator, and how they interact with their world. Senses alert, taking in everything, calculating and then risking it with a confident smoothness when they go for the prize.

Now take note of the prey, how they stick to large groups or alone but in sight of another prey animal. They hide from life, let it just happen, live in fear, and generally with no initiative other than their myopic world. Like a squirrel, perched in his tree, munching on his nuts, or you, sitting with your nose in whatever electronic device. And when a threat appears you freeze, and hope it doesn’t see you.

How do you approach the world? Do you sit back like the tiger in the grass, calculating your goals and how to reach them? Alert to everything around you, every possibility. And when you move, it’s balls to the wall, striving for the prize? Or do you have some like minded friends, working as a team, like a pack of wolves. Effective alone, but deadly efficient together. And when you fail, you learn and try again. Moving forward, but also enjoying life, taking time to relax, but never complacent. That leads to death. This transitions to the “civilized” human world also.

Not physical death, unless you live in a third-world country, but a death of the soul. Blank looks, heads down, shuffling along, locked in a program. Unaware. You can still be aware and be life’s prey. By not thinking ahead, living in fear of what’s different, what’s new. Instead as a new experience, a challenge, as new prey for your predator best.

So the decision is up to you. You can move through the world as an efficient apex predator, taking life by the neck, or gather in a mass hoping nothing bad happens to you. Until eventually you die, never having really lived.

©Vance Gatlin II 2011

What are your thoughts about this?

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