Politics Of Fear

Your politics of Fear,
only cause me to cheer.
A vote against the status quo,
my unpatriotism is shown?

The GOP want lower fees,
and a life lived free.
The Democrats claim equality,
and a utopian tranquility.

My vote for the other guy,
causes their eyes to grow wide.
You’re going to ruin the nation,
such a vote is treason.

A vote not cast for Romney,
may a pox be cast on your family.
Obama will ruin it all,
and the country will fall!

“Look into my eyes,” I say,
“For your choices you must pay.”
“Your status quo,
has nothing to show.”

“It’s all a lie,
for its your freedoms they despise.”
“Every bipartisan law,
beats your Rights until they’re bloody and raw.”

“You’re nothing but an enabler,
as the two parties disable,
a once great nation,
now a land of desolation.”

“Don’t blame me and think I should be ashamed,
should Obama win again.”
“Look in the mirror and ask yourself,
in my comfort was I too selfish?”

“Voting for my benefit,
while avoiding the country’s need of a tourniquet?”
“The steady bleed out of liberty,
in exchange for your physical and monetary security.”

“To that I say your refusal to remove the knife,
with all the cuts it sliced,
the only difference is the veins targeted,
by the Republicrat‘s hands who wielded it.”

“It wasn’t I who let the country die,
bled out on the floor it lie.”
“I tried to take the knife,
but you handed them another with your life.”

What are your thoughts about this?

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