Political Sham

I wrote this poem on Friday and like all of my poems, it has a message.
A political battle rages
It’s been going on for ages
Left vs. right
It’s appears to be quite a fightObserving from the knoll
This fight is fairly droll
Spin machine is turning
The lies are churning

Raise the debt limit
Isn’t tax money unlimited
It’s not a spending issue
Soon money will be worth as much as tissue

Claim your for limited government and free markets
Except for the Special interests you target
Smaller government, no intrusion
But your in my bedroom, this is confusing

Didn’t you know
Liberal vs Conservative is a show
It’s really “get in line and mind”
And I will always oppose your tyrannical kind

©Vance Gatlin 2011

What are your thoughts about this?

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