Pictures Of The Howls From The Wolfpack Author's at Dragon*Con/Atlanta

A few of the pictures from the Dragon*Con and getting together with the writers at the Tilted Kilt and Hard Rock Cafe.

Alex and Thorin philosphizing





Ben and Thorin talking while we wait in line




















Alex, Burke, Ben, Thorin, Wade at the Red Cross booth after donating to help those in Japan


Wade, Viking, Swatcop, SwatcopKid, Ben, Alex and Me with our Tilted Kilt waitress.

Swatcop and Thorin were determined to get me to pose with a pretty girl in a costume. She had one of the tamer costumes.





I had been awake about 36 hours at that point.


This pose was Thorin's idea. The face I made was mine.













Alex, Swatcop, myself, and SwatcopKid speaking with Thorin and Wade who are out of sight
Burke, myself, Swatcop, Alex and Thorin talking and listening


On the way back to the Con.
EnlightenedOne, Me, Thorin, SCKid, Ben, and Viking





















Just a few of the pictures that were taken this weekend. A few are mine and the others are Ben K. Adams. We’re ready for next year! Hope more can make it.


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