Thank You

Many thanks to all who’ve been reading my site, without you guys I would just be talking to myself. You folks sure are quiet though. Feel free to comment, agree, disagree, give me your points of view and ask questions. I thrive on discourse, anyone who can’t handle an opposing view needs to remove their […]

Another Ideological Skirmish Watching the Move On activist getting taken down, and later the minutes before, what led up to it, reminds me of why I wait before I talk. It takes awhile for information to get out. The link above is the only article I found, the rest is blogs filled with finger-pointing. I’m sure their […]

Who Am I?

I am pro-freedom and anti-idiocy In this time of limp spines and weak minds you probably will call me The Enemy The Unconventional Warrior in this battle of the minds Propaganda and fear do not work against me I see through the lies, rise above the emotion Everyday I grow stronger and faster My mind […]

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