Who Am I?

I am pro-freedom and anti-idiocy In this time of limp spines and weak minds you probably will call me The Enemy The Unconventional Warrior in this battle of the minds Propaganda and fear do not work against me I see through the lies, rise above the emotion Everyday I grow stronger and faster My mind […]

A Call To Vote/Democracy

November 2 isn’t far, have you voted? Are you going to vote? Yesterday I told you in POLITICAL PROPAGANDA how to spot the deceit, today I will tell you why I think you should vote. Democracy works when the people are paying attention. We have a primary system, which you can get in with enough […]

Political Propaganda

Being a wolf has it’s blessings and it’s curses wrapped in one. One example is AWARENESS. Observing the national news, what most see is polls and finger-pointing and blanket statements. Bad news for the PR guys and their media lackeys. I see a soulless deaths head behind the mask. The less than noble intentions behind […]

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