The DoD on DADT

Reading past posts, you see a pattern of freedom for all in my posts. Critical thinking and a live and let live attitude, tempered with personal responsibility. Fairness. Now continuing on this same path. Yesterday the Department of Defense(DoD) released their report on the effects of lifting Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell(DADT). It can be read […]

Alcoholic Energy Drinks/Four Loko

There is a new drink rapidly gaining popularity, it’s called Four Loko. You may or may not have heard of it. Well it’s on the brink of being banned since a few kids are dropping after drinking it. It has a mix of alcohol and caffeine, which is canceling out the alcohol feelings. They drink […]

The Wolf Mentality

This has its separate page on my site along with Ascension To Wolf: Defined. They can be found on the right under the wolf. My goal is to show my readers, many of them wolves themselves, the mentality condensed, and this is the same philosophy behind the upcoming “Howls From The Wolfpack” book, and like […]

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