The World of Wikileaks So Far

Since I discussed Wikileaks last week, you can read that post here, a legion of hackers have struck a bunch of private companies the cut ties with the group. Julian Assange has a large packet of cables in the wings if anything should happen to him or his site. The Pfc., is  waiting in jail. […]

Class Warfare=Divide and Conquer

The political extremes began complaining today when the President and the Republicans announced a compromise. The one that usually rubs my fur the wrong way is, “It’s not fair the rich getting a tax cut.” Not fair? It’s not fair to keep the fruits of your labor? Continued in Growls Of A Wolf

Honor: What is it to you?

A discussion on the Wicked Jester forum posed this question. What does HONOR mean to you? My answer is this:  When I speak of honor, to me it means not wavering on my personal code of integrity, objectivity, personal responsibility and to my pack at home, justice, respect to the deserving, courage and strength, submitting […]

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