One Day Left To Live?

I love Sherlock Holmes. My best friend’s wife got me hooked on the BBC’s version. Imagine for a moment, to be able to read people and situations in seconds. It’s like a superpower. In the pilot episode, a situation sparked a question for me on the fragility of life.

giphyThe killer had an aneurysm that could pop at any time, instantly killing him. Most of us foolishly never consider our mortality. It’s not exactly a happy thought like rainbows and puppies. I wondered, if I had an aneurysm that could go at any time, would I change the way I live?

What Would You Do Differently?

Look at your schedule. What takes up the largest chunks of your time? Is that what you want to be remembered for?

If you were to write your eulogy, what would you say? Anything of note, or would it be generic?

Are you even ready for the moment we all will face? Life insurance, a will, yes those are important, but there’s more to it. Who did you live for?

Christ. Yourself. Someone or something else in the top spot?

It’s an eternal question we all answer. We look at Jesus and say either, ‘not my will, but yours be done’, or ‘not your will, but mine be done.’ John 6:29 tells us what His will is, “Jesus answered, “The work of God is this: to believe in the one he has sent.”

What impacts are making right now? Whose lives are you touching? Is your family taking the financial hit of your leaving?

It’s that last one that scares me. The one bad thing about a marriage is the inevitable loss. I want life to go as smoothly as possible for my wife. The grief I can’t help with.

She’s aware of it, too. She’s eagerly learning how to be self-sufficient, from yard work to budgeting. Helping with GriefShare brings that awareness to the forefront of our minds. It’s sad to consider, but necessary.

Tomorrow May Never Come

You may not have an aneurysm ticking away in your head, but we’re still not promised tomorrow, or even the next few moments. I’m writing this two days before the three-year mark of my toddler godson’s passing. No one saw it coming.

Check your life, reallocate that precious time for those who matter. Tell people you love them, it could very well be the last time you see them.

Build a legacy of helping people. Make a tangible difference in the world. What’s stopping you from doing it right now?

No excuses. No rationalizing.

What’s stopping you?

What are your thoughts about this?

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