Music with a Message

Now I’m a big fan of Five Finger Death Punch, hard guitars and a “independent, free thinking, be yourself” message in the lyrics. This is how I interpret the lyrics (in parentheses) to differentiate between the two. One of my favorite songs is BURN IT DOWN.

You think you know me, you don’t know shit
(Being Judged at face value and having your worth assigned to you)

I’ve seen the world through your eyes and it makes me sick
(Every free thinking wolf was in the group think flock of sheep at one point, we know how they think because we’ve been there)

I question all of your answers, they’re fucking lies
(We question EVERYTHING, simple as that. Call it as we see it)

I won’t conform to your system, I’d rather die
(We won’t compromise just to be liked, our friends may be few but they’re true friends)
You think you’re a martyr, not hard to see
(those who hide behind false faces, to gain power, for your own good)

You wanna rule the fucking world, you’ve gotta get through me
(a lot of us are in the field of debate, armed with rational thought)

Your iron fist will be broken, no soul to sell
(Never sell-out)

You think I’ll burn for my actions, see you in hell
(judge me? When your judgement condemns you, I’ll see you there*Thorin-paraphrased)

Just howls with the wolf mentality

What are your thoughts about this?

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