Media Bias Exposed: An Example

Gunman in Guatemala
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This story here caught my attention and now I’m going to take it apart and expose the lies of a biased media. Let’s begin:

” Mexican cartels are taking advantage of U.S. gun laws to buy thousands of weapons that are being used in an escalating drug war that has claimed more than 31,000 lives since late 2006, experts and law enforcement officials tell NBC News.”
This is in the first part of the story. Here he contradicts himself:

“U.S. firearms agents estimate that around 80 percent of the weapons used by Mexican drug traffickers come from the United States, where cartel leaders are hiring Americans with clean records to make the purchases for them. In the past four years, Mexican authorities say they have seized 90,000 weapons from their nation’s drug war.”

So they’re allegedly hiring Americans with NO CRIMINAL BACKGROUND to buy the weapons. Why? NICS, the Instant Criminal Background Check system works. And straw purchases are illegal. We have the laws, just have to enforce them.
“90,000 weapons?, ” That lacks context. Overall? Type? Ask yourself that.
Moving on:

“The cartels need their tools of the trade, which are the weapons, and they are coming to the U.S. to get those weapons,” William McMahon of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives told NBC News.”

The cartels also have grenades, missiles, fully-automatic machine guns, RPGs. You can’t get that from the local gun store. So where do they get them? Steal them, buy them, take them off the bodies of dead Mexican soldiers.

“Francisco Reyes, 29, was accused of paying two friends to buy dozens of firearms destined for Mexico, according to court documents. One of those buyers, Jorge Alexis Blanco, bought at least 15 guns and attempted to buy three more, according to Michael Randall of the ATF in the criminal complaint.”

Reading the link in the story to the affidavit, I learned what happened. The enforcement worked! Intermittent large purchases raised some flags! Now back to ripping this apart.

“In 2009, ATF reported to Congress that about 90 percent of the guns recovered in Mexico that ATF has traced were initially sold in the United States…”

The Federal Gun Control Act in 1968 requires manufacturers to use serial numbers. What about countries that don’t use that, how will you trace them?

“During his visit to the United States in May, Mexican President Felipe Calderon urged a joint session of Congress to ban assault weapons that are showing up in his country.
Calderon said the U.S. need to “regulate the sale of these weapons in the right way.”
“Many of these guns are not going to honest American hands,” he said. “Instead, thousands are ending up in the hands of criminals.””

Mexico has a gun ban, see how effective it is. They’re CRIMINALS! They don’t care about breaking one more law. They kill cops and put their heads on poles, this offense is jaywalking compared to that. How about arming your populace Calderon and let the people take back their country, have a way to defend themselves?

“But finding a way to stop the weapons flow, now known as the “Iron River,” is being hindered to some extent by U.S. gun laws, officials say. In November, the inspector general of the Department of Justice detailed the problem, citing the lack of a federal statute specifically prohibiting firearms trafficking.
Meanwhile, Mexican authorities are taking steps to ensure the weapons that are seized don’t find their way back to the cartels.
At a military base, in Mexico City, soldiers use torches and hammers to destroy thousands of guns, saving others for evidence in criminal investigations.”

What do you want to bet a few of those weapons are slipping out the back? The problem isn’t our guns or laws, when enforced they work. It’s that the cartels and corruption has neutered Mexico and turned it into a narco-state. A hunk of  metal and polymer isn’t the problem, its who’s using it. The answer is more guns, have a real war with them. They don’t play by rules, so the Mexican government and people need to meet them blade for blade, bullet for bullet.

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