Looking Beyond The Surface

I was thinking about relevance and how it pertains to objects and words. What objects and words are to people is determined by what value they put on them, what reverence or irreverence. Some polarizing objects like the Confederate battle flag, means different things to different people. To some it’s a sign of slavery and racism, to others its part of a states history and heritage. And to some, it’s a fashion trend. Some see a cow as sacred, others as a living thing deserving rights, or some see it as a cause of global warming due to cow farts, or as I see it, Food.

When you dig into the CONTEXT, and RELEVANCE people place on words and objects, you look beyond the surface and grasp understanding. Understanding the situation and understanding them, you may still disagree but you will see their point also. I think the world would be a much more peaceful place, if foreign policy and domestic followed this. But who am I kidding, someone always wants to be the top dog.

© Vance Gatlin 2011

What are your thoughts about this?

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