Let Freedom Ring in Arkansas, Its Up To Us To Get Involved

In the Arkansas Senate there is a Senator with a stellar idea. Sen. Jason Rapert is proposing a Constitutional Amendment called “The Taxpayer Protection Amendment”. You can read it here.

It forces the Legislature to have a 3/4 majority in both houses to raise or pass a tax increase, but only a simple majority to cut the tax. Just one problem, it has to get through the Senate Committee on State Agencies and Governmental Affairs first. That committee’s page is here.

Email these Senators, and tell them to pass it onto the Floor for a vote to add it to the ballot for us to vote on. Instead of griping about your taxes, get involved, or shut up. I have no patience for those who complain and do nothing about it.

Another pro-gun bill is up for a vote. Meet SB115, read it here. This bill prevents the Governor from declaring a State of Emergency and seizing your guns. Like they did to New Orleans after Katrina. This bill is currently up for vote in the Committee on CITY, COUNTY & LOCAL AFFAIRS COMMITTEE, but its not on the schedule. This is their page here. Tell them to vote it to the Floor and then pass it. Maybe we can get one pro-gun bill passed.

What are your thoughts about this?

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