Lessons I Need To Learn

Strength, Courage and Humility, the interesting and enlightening motto of Systema as taught by Vladimir Vasiliev. Lets look at what it means to me.
Strength, what is it? Well you have physical strength, which is good but it’s not as important as inner strength. Physical strength fades with age, inner strength fades with attrition. And the inner strength is essential to get through life, it’s a force that doesn’t fade unless you allow it. You don’t have to shout to the world how strong you are, their is someone stronger. This I have done before, it’s a admitted failing of mine I’m working on. I’m a bit self-centered at times.
Courage, pushing through your emotional chaos to deal with the situation at hand. It is said that courage without fear to persevere over isn’t courage if you’ve nothing to conquer within. At least that’s how I interpret that.
Humility, acknowledgment that the world doesn’t revolve around you, forcing you to accurately assess yourself. Self-Accountable. This I have to learn, not to compare others to me, just compare myself to myself, other people came from different journeys. And everyone, no matter the achievement, die someday in the great scheme of the universe. So it’s important not to get stuck on yourself, and live a good life on your own path. Strong enough to walk it, Courage to face whatever comes, and Humble because you’re imperfect and will fail, and that’s the fun of the journey, to ascend.

What are your thoughts about this?

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