Interview with Breitbart at the AFP/KARN Luncheon

I was asked back by Americans For Prosperity: Arkansas to a luncheon sponsored by KARN 102.9 and AFP, and given an opportunity to interview Andrew Breitbart. Other bloggers there and I got to meet were Jason Tolbert, Nick Stehle, Josh Mesker, and one other who’s name I didn’t catch. Admittedly my first ever interview, and I didn’t have time to do nothing but record, and I was slow on doing that. So I missed recording Jason’s question, but I’ll fill in the blanks. But I got a lesson in interviewing from watching the more experienced bloggers work. Before we get started I want to thank AFP Arkansas, Teresa, and Elizabeth for inviting me. Now to begin.

We got a limited time and that was enough for three questions, Jason Tolbert led with the question, paraphrased: ‘What are your thoughts on the Republican Primary?’ The following video also contains questions on Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin‘s new movie.

Then later after his speech, we had time for three questions from the audience. The first was on narrative and I couldn’t hear the second one. One day I’ll stop recording on the iPhone and get a better recorder. This video is the first two questions.

And the last questions was on schools.

AFP Arkansas has a 11 minute video of it all broken down, much better quality than mine.

Here is the links to the:

The Tolbert Report (Jason Tolbert’s site)
Arkansas Patriot
(Nick Stehle and Josh Mesker contribute)

Americans For Prosperity/Arkansas

What are your thoughts about this?

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