Insurrection in Gould, AR

The insanity continues with Gould, AR starting to look the guests on the Jerry Springer Show. Earlier this week the Mayor who has been at odds with the City Council was attacked, and went on the local news FOX 16, which you can see here and on Today’s THV here. By the way, the Mayor was ignoring the new law by talking to the news reporter without Council permission. The horror! Of course that’s sarcasm, I want to see whoever voted for those unconstitutional laws kicked out of office and run out of town.

Meanwhile in Quartzite…

Jennifer Jones, the woman in the infamous YouTube video and patriot for speaking out did a interview here.

Citizens are complaining about the negative attention here.

Most of the officers in Quartzite are on administrative leave which you can read here.

And two links from a blog and a small newspaper, this one from The People’s Voice here with video and the Parker Pioneer here  where the writer says the Police Chief is cleared of the allegations that the whistleblower cops leveled against him. We live in interesting times, keep your eyes open or you may wake up under tyranny.

What are your thoughts about this?

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