I'm Back!!!!

It’s been an eventful two months. Howls From The Wolfpack was released on Amazon, Books-A-Million and Barnes & Noble. 47 copies sold. Then I focused on the wedding and now that epicness is over and immortalized on digital media.

By LaHollis Hill Photography

Casey got her big princess wedding. Heart-shaped arch, and almost 100 people showed up. Didn’t look like that much in the big church but yeah. I even got to allow my wolf nature out and break tradition a little. Camo tuxedo and my favorite pair of shoes, New Balances. I washed them of course.

From there it was off to the honeymoon in Hot Springs at the Butler Manor. Going to favorite restaurants, jacuzzi, hitting a lot of little shops, mini-golf and museums. I thought the wax museum would freak me out but I was wrong. I got pictures of me flipping the bird or throwing horns at a few of the exhibits(politicians got the bird). A few horror ones too. Yeah! And no honeymoon in Hot Springs is complete without hitting a spa. Casey got a little spoiled, and I got to see what the big deal is about massages. I know now. Man that felt good.

Now rested, recharged and no deadlines I’m back. Back to primal living instead of primalish, back to my workouts, and back on here writing. And tomorrow I’ll tell you why I think Obama will probably lose.

What are your thoughts about this?

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