Howl's Author Spotlight: R.W Smith

This week, I’m going to highlight one of the authors of Howls From The Wolfpack. It’s a collected works filled with poetry, quotes and essays, divided by author. This week I will introduce you to R.W Smith.

R.W submitted an essay when I asked that he would. For one simple reason, he can write. He’s one of the most logical people I’ve met. In his essay “Awakening” he writes about the various ways, along with his journey to the Wolf Mentality. This isn’t the only thing he writes. He has a website, you can go to here. He has a short story titled “The Cleansing Rose” that I enjoyed.

To learn and read more about R.W Smith you can go to the Stalking the Flock forum, which he doesn’t frequent as often and his website. And in the upcoming Howls From The Wolfpack due out early Summer.

What are your thoughts about this?

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