Howl's Author Spotlight: R.J

One time a week, I’m going to start highlighting one of the authors of Howls From The Wolfpack. It’s a collected works filled with poetry, quotes and essays, divided by author. This week I will introduce you to R.J Olsen.

R.J is more than a writer for the book, he’s Da Nekidgoat’s Poetry Editor, they both screen the poetry submissions. It hasn’t stopped R.J from sending his own writing in. In fact he was the first to send in anything to me, Randal and Ben. A short and very good essay called, “Are You Hungry.” A few of his bullets, but where he shines is his poetry. “Prayer”, and my favorite, “Refuser of the Label.” He has a talent for sure. And these above are what he has sent in so far, and we have time to add more.

To learn about him and read R.J’s work be on the lookout for the upcoming Howls From The Wolfpack due out early Summer.

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