Howls Author Spotlight: Jordan "Greywolf" Jackson

One time a week, I’m going to start highlighting one of the authors of Howls From The Wolfpack. It’s a collected works filled with poetry, quotes and essays, divided by author. This week I will introduce you to Jordan Greywolf Jackson.

Jordan is a recent addition to the board who has made his mark with his poet’s heart. He submitted and had approved by the Goat and R.J, four poems. The Toast, A Single Howl, The Wolf’s Cry, and Hunt. And one of the beauties of putting this book together is I get a sneak peek at the material. I wouldn’t mind reading more of Jordan’s work.

To learn about him and read Greywolf’s work be on the lookout for the upcoming Howls From The Wolfpack due out early Summer.

What are your thoughts about this?

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