Howl's Author Spotlight: Benjamin

One time a week, I’m going to start highlighting one of the authors of Howls From The Wolfpack. It’s a collected works filled with poetry, quotes and essays, divided by author. This week I will introduce you to Benjamin.

Benjamin is on the essay/bullet approval team with me. I don’t think he really stops to catch a breath. A Specialist in the Army, Firefighter, works and attends College, along with this book, which he has contributed a poem, Hate the Wolf, Love the Sheep. A bullet quote and an essay he wrote for college, Conformity, The Slowest Form of Suicide. If I remember right, he got a A- on it. His other two papers made it into the book also; The Tale of the Panicked King, a look at a short story in Thorin’s The Wolf in Wolf’s Clothing and Social Darwinism’s Truth, a look at society as a whole.

To learn about him and read Ben’s work be on the lookout for the upcoming Howls From The Wolfpack due out early Summer.

What are your thoughts about this?

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