Howl's Author Spotlight: Alex

One time a week, I’m going to start highlighting one of the authors of Howls From The Wolfpack. It’s a collected works filled with poetry, quotes and essays, divided by author. This week I will introduce you to Alex.

Alex, one of the writers of the book, has contributed a few bullets, two poems, Echo, and Knucklehead and the essay, Just Read It. In that essay he encourages you to dissect everything clearly, and to make his point, he starts off with what looks like gibberish, but like the titles says, look closer and just read it.

Alex has a dark, philosophical mind who’s writings are a mental buffet with an aggressive writing style. One of my essays in the book was spawned by a back and forth with Alex, Inception of a Wolf. When the pack gets together its gonna be fun. He can be found on the Forum and his blog.

To learn and read more about Alex you can go to his website Cowboy’s Way. And in the upcoming Howls From The Wolfpack due out early Summer.

What are your thoughts about this?

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