Growls Is Here and Who Won It!

The Big Day has arrived, the release of Growls Of A Wolf.

A lot of work, help from friends, and time to bring it to you. Even did an interview you can read here and also to promote it…

A Book Giveaway

By Liking the Growls Of A Wolf Facebook page you had three chances to win. And on chance on the Ronin/AbyssPress page.

Now lets see who won today’s drawing…

First Prize: Wolfpack Collection

Justin Tilson

Second Prize: Growls and Howls

Blitzie Macayana

Third Prize: Growls of a Wolf

Bobby Hollingshead

And on the Ronin page…

Steve Meyersburg won the copy of Growls Of A Wolf.

If you didn’t win and want a copy go to the Amazon Page here

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