Going Off Half-Cocked


Since the tragic shooting in Arizona, their has been a knee-jerk reaction from

Political Cartoon from Stantis

some members of the population and the capitalization of the tragedy by politicians to push their agenda. Some think it’s time for the Assault Weapons Ban, but they fail to realize or just  don’t care that the criminal element doesn’t give a damn about any laws, and all that does is disarm the law-abiding, thus making them easier targets for the criminal element. The F.B.I Crime Statistics show a drop in violent crime since concealed carry took off, and the AWB was lifted. You can see for yourself here.
The shooter had a pair of 33 round magazines, which has sparked the call to ban them, again.
“Why do you need that many bullets?”
Why not, as long as I don’t plan on shooting anyone, then it shouldn’t be a problem. It’s not the amount of bullets, it’s where you place them that matters. And the actions of a minority shouldn’t be the cause of the trampling of the rights of the majority. With this logic, no one should drive because someone may drive drunk and kill someone. Take away cars and you solve this problem. Sure it’s not fair but who cares about the innocent, as long as we stop the few at the expense of others.
A Congressman want to stop the threatening of lawmakers. Whatever happened to “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.”?
Just another way to erode the First Amendment. It’s not the words you have to worry about, it’s the actions. And people should always be on guard, its dangerous out there. Not just the human element, but also the ‘crap happens’ element of snakebite, car wrecks, falling, etc. For it to be a truly safe world then you need to segregate every individual from another, in a sterile bubble.
Some would be fine with that. I’m not, I want to enjoy life, with all it’s risks and rewards. All I ask is that others let me do that, don’t bring me or others down to their level of weakness and fear.

What are your thoughts about this?

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