Gary Johnson News Update 9-23 to 9-29

YAL UCSD w/ Gary Johnson
YAL UCSD w/ Gary Johnson (Photo credit: YalSandiego)

This past week Gary Johnson was endorsed by John Stossel (Shocker, I know) and on more bigger news outlets, is in some Polls and is suing to get on the debates.

Libertarian Candidate Calls For Withdrawing From Middle East

September 18, 2012, Los Angeles TimesBy Colby Itkowitz

I Like Gary Johnson

September 19, 2012, The Patriot Post, By John Stossel

Gary Johnson: ‘These people are let down by the two-party system’

September 20, 2012, The GuardianBy Ed Pilkington

Gary Johnson Has Best Ever Haul

September 20, 2012, PoliticoBy Dave Levinthal

Spoiler Alert: Meet Gary Johnson, Libertarian

September 20, 2012, Bloomberg BusinessweekBy Ira Boudway

Why Gary Johnson Won’t Shut Up About Marijuana

September 21, 2012, The Atlantic, By Molly Ball

In Three-Way Race Obama Leads Romney 49-42, Johnson Gets 6 Percent

September 21, 2012,, By Emily Ekins

Gary Johnson Files Anti-Trust Lawsuit To Get Into Presidential Debates

September 21, 2012, BuzzfeedBy Zeke Miller

Ron Paul and Gary Johnson Planted the Seeds for an Independent Voter Revolution

September 22, 2012, PolicyMic, By Christopher McDaniel

Gary Johnson Sues To Get Into Presidential Debates

September 24, 2012, U.S. News & World Report, By Kenneth Walsh

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