Frequently Asked Questions

What’s Ronin’s Journey?

Ronin’s Journey is a Christian Lifestyle blog that assertively moves forward showing that Christianity is still relevant today. It has one goal, to seek first the Kingdom of God and all righteousness. The posts decisively advance to proclaim the name of Jesus and the life change he brings.

Who Are You?

My name is Vance. I became a prodigal and agnostic that had walked away from God. Taking the name Ronin, meaning “masterless samurai”, I focused on my own self-perfection trying to become my own ‘god’. Then everything fell apart when tragedy struck, and I had to face the realization that I was powerless and petty. Pride did go before the fall.

Like the Prodigal Son, I began a long, bumpy, journey back. Walking through the valleys of trauma, grief, introspection, and a heavy dose of self-hatred, I finally came back. My life changed, and with this second chance, I now help people rather than myself. Using all these experiences, along with my studies into the human personality, apologetics, and theology, I write to purposefully guide others from making my mistakes. Every post originates from my journal, every insight a hard lesson learned, join me on this journey into living for Christ.

Where Do You Get Your Material?

The blog began as a place to get my thoughts out there it changed in 2013. A counselor suggested I keep a grief journal. Nerd that I am, two weeks later I analyzed the grief process. It allowed the emotions to settle and look at it with a less skewed perspective. What stuck out to me were marked, and written about. Battle Within is an example from October 2013.

I don’t keep a grief journal anymore, but I still journal. In it I take notes, record experiences, thoughts, and observations. Then two weeks later I look over it for patterns or places I can expand on. They’re geared towards being helpful and sometimes philosophical. What I don’t use for the blog is noted on an index card and places in a box. It’s where I keep my brain.

To sum it up, the material is from observing life as a thoughtful Christian.

Any Suggestions on Where to Start my Bible Reading?

The Beginning

  • Gospel of John: Christ reveals himself as the Son of God. You can wade or dive deep in Bible Reading it’s theological richness.
  • Gospel of Mark: Jesus never stops in this Gospel. The first Gospel recorded highlights Jesus as a servant. My favorite parable lives in the pages. The Parable of the Sower.
  • Romans: Recommended to me by Pastor Jaime. It’s the closest I’ve seen to a systematic theology in the Bible. Highlights color the pages in my Bible. Romans 12:1-2 remains a favorite verse and reminder.
  • Galatians: Known as the book of Christian freedom. Paul addresses a controversy in Galatia. The details are in Acts 15. I turn to it when I face burnout.
  • The Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5-7)/James: Christian Living 101. Welcome to BASIC training.
  • The Gospel of Luke/Acts: Written by the historian Luke. Acts picks up where Luke ends. Acts stands as a testament of what believers and the Church can and should do in the world.

These served as the foundation. Don’t end with this, the deeper I go reveals much more room to explore. For more go to

What Is The Wolf Mentality? 

I used to mention it often. It’s not a term of my creation but of Thorin’s, former owner of Wicked Jester and author of many books. Even then, the mentality predates Thorin himself.
It’s a mentality that is independent, curious, and aware. Those who possess this mind-set look at the world with curiosity, a unbiased independent mind, and gain awareness because of it. The more we learn of the world and ourselves the stronger and more confident we grow.
It’s a anti-label, since the only thing that wolves have in common is the think for yourself, by questioning everything, and accepting nothing blindly, principle we live by. That’s our interior, the exterior can be tattooed and pierced with crazy hair to neat and clean-cut; loud and boisterous to quiet and withdrawn. All races, sexes and whatever personal choices a person can make tell you nothing until you dig deeper into the reasoning behind it. Its how they think, not what they think. Their motivations, external or internal. That’s how you tell who someone with this mentality is.