Forge Your Own Path

The minute the baby was born
The young ones are forced to conform
The boys wrapped in blue, the girls in pink
Any other color causes a stink

Copy-cat cutesy clothes
Why? Nobody knows
They start to grow up
But will they become a wolf pup

Sports they may enter
Except these days everyone is a winner
The pups battle against themselves
The desire to ascend overwhelms

While the sheep’s chests swell with pride
To attain a prize it was an easy ride
Growing up believing life is easy
Unprepared when life hits them and make them queasy

Everyone is a winner
When really they’re dinner
Pawns in a game
Molded to be the same

It’s a damn shame
Weakness and fear is to blame
This road to hell society has paved
Fuck that, I’ll go my on way

©Vance Gatlin II (Ronin)

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