The acronym FML annoys me. If your life sucks that much then kill yourself or get over it and keep fighting. 99.9% won’t kill themselves so instead of whining FML how about FYLIWW(fuck you life I will win) or something more creative. Like FIDO, (Fuck It, Drive On) coined by Randal from Hardcore Mind. Especially when it’s little things like, “I gotta go to work today, FML.” Hey shithead, be glad your working. A lot of people wouldn’t mind being in your place. Now a “dammit” is understandable, but FML? Nope.

*Disclaimer: I’m not encouraging suicide, just going to an extreme to make a point and give a little tough love on not being a whiny bitch.

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  1. I always have used the term “Press on like a iron solider”. You are right people need to sac up and be happy that they have a job to go to. I can always find someone who is worse off then the whinny bitches who are not crying but trying to make it better.

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