Faith, We All Have It In One Form Or Another

In life I have noticed the mocking of the concept of faith, believing in something which you cannot prove. Particularly the faith in something bigger, be it god(s), intelligent design, or nothing at all. A never ending turf war.

Some use bribery in the form of divine blessings, perfection and enlightenment, or prosperity. Or in conjunction with or separate, the tool of fear is used. Fear of hell, damnation or endless cycle of reincarnation. A lot of the religious teachers believe this and use it as a method of teaching. Others just instruct, I have seen both. I would prefer using the examples of living their ideas of a good life and if this fits what I think or feel, then I will choose this, intelligently.

Continued in Growls Of A Wolf

©Vance Gatlin II 2011

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