Did You See Saturday's Debate?

Did you watch the South Carolina GOP Debate  on last Thursday? What about the Debate on Monday in Florida? See that one?

Did you know another debate had occurred?

Yep, on Saturday. In New York. It was the Libertarian Party Presidential Debate.

You can see it here on this candidate’s website, RJ Harris. The link is here

Sure their not the Republicans or the Democrats, but they’re the third largest party in America, and growing. The more the GOP and Dems piss off people, the more they leave. I’m contemplating officially allying myself with the Libertarians. I already thought like one before I even knew what a Libertarian was.

Their is more than one side to an argument. Left, Right, Centrist, Statist, Libertarian. Ever wonder where you stand. Try the Nolan Chart. Here’s a link to it here

Post your results in the comments for fun.

0 thoughts on “Did You See Saturday's Debate?

  1. I got cable again in order to watch the debates this year. After the 1st few, I chucked the cable box out the window and figured I wouldn’t be missing much. I’ll go watch Saturday’s debate now because it seems like it might actually be worth my time.

    I’d not seen the Nolan chart before but my star came out way into the Libertarian corner, too. There is no way I can stomach the thought of voting for Obama and same goes for the GOP candidates now that Gary Johnson has left them so you’re likely not going to be the only one officially aligning with the Libertarian party.

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