Cowards Among Us

What is happening in the world. A nation of cowardly sheep but one in this instance. A Marine on leave on a date with his wife, were watching “Little Fockers” when some kids got loud and when his wife complained to the manager who in turn had the kids removed.  When they left the theater, the kids were waiting. They went for his wife so he grabbed her and took off, but were caught. Superior combat skills don’t work as well when you’re outnumbered in large numbers. The manager was watching, quivering, inside the door. One person showed some guts and tried to help, leading them to his car, but before  they got there his wife was hit and knocked to the ground. Cops came, arrested a few teens, had to taser one. You can read the story here.

There was reportedly 300 bystanders watching this. Out of these 300 sheep, only one man showed some balls and stepped up. Sad state of affairs, bunch of cowards. A few years back an old man was beaten by I think three guys, WITH witnesses. He was a vet, yet no one lifted a hand.

Another instance, here, where a man was struck by a car and NO ONE HELPED! The excuses of the bystanders, and I’m paraphrasing, “Snitches get stitches.” Apparently its a high-crime area and any involvement helping the police is frowned upon. One expert said in the report that when a crisis hits a herd-mentality takes over and its hard to get anyone to act. Are people sheep who need direction, or self-sufficient wolves who need none? Are we THAT narcissistic? Would you help in a situation like this? Answer the poll and see where you stand.

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  1. This is fucking pathetic. Just goes to show how many panzies there are in the world. Anyone intimidated by someone they’ve never met needs a serious reality check and kick in the balls. And I bet 99% of those people in either situation are the type of hypocrite who would see this on the news and bash the bystanders for doing nothing.

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