Correction to DoD on DADT

Ok, I made a mistake on the numbers I quoted from the report. Watching the hits rise I am correcting this as soon as possible. I misunderstood and am owning up to it. USMC Sgt. read it, checked my facts and found my mistake in DoD on DADT. And pointed it out to me. Thank you. I mean that. I hope all my readers are as thorough, that’s a sign of thinking for oneself instead of quoting verbatim. 
   A quote from my post: “The Pentagon asked 1,416,741 Active Duty members, 831,193 Reserve Duty, which totals up to 2,247,934 combined, with 75% having been deployed. Not only that they asked 703,586 Active Duty Spouses and 370,250 Reserve Duty spouses. That’s another 1,073,836. Combine them all up you have the opinions of 3,321,772 people.”

My mistake was thinking they asked that many, actually that was the pool of people they sent 400,000 to service members, and approximately 140,000 to the spouses and received about half back.
   My position on DADT remains the same. And the gay soldiers should be held to the same standards as everyone else. That’s what equality is all about. My lesson from this is to read carefully and slow down. 

What are your thoughts about this?

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