Candidate Profiles: Newt Gingrich

With campaign season revving up, its time to get to know the ones that want to be President. Going to look at their record if they have one, what positions they take if they don’t. Coupled with my thoughts on the said candidate. I’m not going to list the party, because that’s just a banner politicians hide behind, look at person, not the party.

To set the stage, here’s the link to his campaign website here. This has his positions, but I prefer to look at his record first.

Entitlements: As Speaker he pushed welfare reform with the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Act. He supported the Medicare Prescription Drug, Improvement, and Modernization Act that President Bush pushed for. He hasn’t touched Social Security that I know of.

Federal Budget: With bipartisan effort, Gingrich and Clinton balanced the budget. No deficit spending. That hasn’t been done since the 60’s or since then. Got to give them credit there.

Taxes: In 1997 this was passed, Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997. Cutting among others, the Capital Gains Tax. Which I think should be eliminated.

Government Transparency: You know the website thomas.govwhere you can read the bills that Congress is debating was a creation of Gingrich’s House and the Library of Congress. And he pushed a bill that began the process of holding Congress to the same standard as “civilians”. It is titled the Congressional Accountability Act of 1995.

National Security: After he resigned, he worked on a task force to strengthen the UN. His campaign site says he’s for judicious use of the military, strengthening the borders and cutting off our use of foreign oil. I’ll go along with the last two.

Civil Rights: His site says he wants to end subsidies to Planned Parenthood(I agree, but then again, I’d end all subsidies). He’d protect all religious symbols in the public square. I can go with that, include them all or not at all. In a Q&A with Time magazine, read here, he stated on gay rights,

“There are a lot of practical relationships that we ought to find a way to accommodate. If your partner ends up in the hospital, there ought to be some ability to visit that partner. But I’m not in favor of creating the notion of gay marriage or gay adoption.”

As for the Second Amendment, he voted against the Assault Weapons Ban. The ACLU quotes him here on the Patriot Act.

My Conclusion:

PROS: He’s not afraid to take a stand, even shutting down the  government to make a point. He trimmed welfare, not enough for my tastes, but better than what it was. Balanced the budget, pro-gun, pro-freedom of speech, cut taxes and made a more transparent government. Close the borders and get off our foreign oil addiction.

CONS: He likes some subsidies, doesn’t mind our interfering in other countries’ affairs with our military, and doesn’t think gays should marry or adopt. I couldn’t find his vote on DOMA to see if he forced his views on society. He’s for the Patriot Act but not “the abuse of it in domestic criminal trials”, and I’m all against the Act. And normally a politician’s personal life doesn’t factor much in my opinion, but it does if it shows a flaw in their integrity. Newt was married 3 times, the last two were his mistresses while he was married. I can’t trust a man who will break their word to their partner, because if he’ll lie to someone he’s that close too, he’ll have no problem lying to me. And while he was persecuting Bill Clinton for his affairs, he was having one with his current wife, while married to another woman. That reeks of hypocrisy, which I despise.

Do your own research, see if you can agree enough with his actions to vote for him or not to. It’s up to you ultimately.

Archive to the Presidential Contender page is here

What are your thoughts about this?

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