Candidate Profiles: Herman Cain

With campaign season revving up, its time to get to know the ones that want to be President. Going to look at their record if they have one, what positions they take if they don’t. Coupled with my thoughts on the said candidate. I’m not going to list the party, because that’s just a banner politicians hide behind, look at person, not the party.

To set the stage, here’s the link to his campaign website here. This has his positions,and having not served, he has no record. So we have to go by what he says and if he goes into how he’ll fix it.

Entitlements: His website states he’ll modernize entitlements, and how they’re currently failing. Repeal Obamacare, replace it with Loser-Pays Tort reform, modifying the tax code so individuals get the same benefits as business. Loosening Health Savings Account restrictions. Privatize Medicare, and he likes Paul Ryan’s voucher idea. Wikipedia says he wants free-market solutions. A bit vague. Privatization? Education? “Unbundling education means localizing education- making those on the ground responsible for the teaching and learning that happens in our local communities. Unbundling education means offering parents choices for their children to create a truly competitive educational system.” School vouchers, charter schools.

Federal Budget:A line by line look at the budget, it worked for his businesses. He supported TARP, though not how it was implemented. He hasn’t pushed for an audit of the Fed, he won’t stop it either. And he’d like a return to the Gold Standard.

Taxes: According to his campaign site, it looks he wishes to eliminate all or most of subsidies, across the board tax cuts, and get rid of the Death tax. And has said ideally he wants the Fair Tax.

Government Transparency: Nothing on this as of yet.

National Security: Calls for Diplomacy and a very strong military. Supports the wars, dealing with Iran diplomatically, but wary. Secure our borders and promote the path to citizenship.

Civil Rights: Pro-Life, wants to defund Planned Parenthood. Against gay marriage, supports the Defense of Marriage Act. Second Amendment should be handled by the states only.

My Conclusion:

PROS: Successful Executive experience, his war on subsidies and entitlements. The Fair Tax support is a plus.  Returning to gold also. Border security.

CONS: He supported the socializing of the banks and doesn’t see a point to investigating the Fed. I’m a bit leery of that, not a fan of government central planning as anyone who talks to me or reads my posts can attest. National Security wise, its time to stop fighting, we got Osama, mission accomplished. Fanaticism is a self-feeding cycle, so unless we go now, we’ll never leave. Herman’s thoughts on Afghanistan, I’m unsure of. His stance against gay marriage, in my view, you can have that position, just don’t force everyone else to march to your tune. His support of DOMA is forcing his values on others. The Second Amendment isn’t a state issue, its not a federal issue, it just is. States and the Feds need to stay out of it.

Do your own research, see if you can agree enough with his actions to vote for him or not to. It’s up to you ultimately.

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0 thoughts on “Candidate Profiles: Herman Cain

  1. lol @ “A line by line look at the budget” lets see where have I heard that before?

    Something else i think is a worthy observation is that he was Chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City which to me might have some influence on his decision making regarding the Federal Reserve Bank.

    both times i have heard him speak/debate (which isn’t a lot) he seems to have the same solutions to questions he doesn’t know how to answer…”I’ll surround myself by people that know the answer” WTH?

    1. I’m looking at all of them, got Newt already, Gary Johnson is next week. Poor guy is getting short changed. Got a page link on my main page to where I’m archiving canindates. I liked Herman a lot until I looked deeper. One of the reasons I’m doing this, educate myself and others.

  2. Me the same on Cain.
    Fox news did a pretty good job of screwing perspective after the debate with their “committee” what a joke.

    Gary Johnson has a great track record and if he beat out RP i’d vote for him, but he’s not my number one.

    My Governor is going to end up throwing his hat in the ring i know it…which im not particularly happy about, talk a bout a sheep in wolves clothing.

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